Placement at Kin + Carta Connect

George Slater 

Achievements: Placement @ Kin + Carta Connect
Progression to: BA Top-Up

George is a confident and imaginative designer, with a strategic approach to communication and a keen eye for colour. Having won several internal briefs, George was focused on winning a placement opportunity at Kin + Carta Connect at the end of his Foundation Degree. With a passion for music he created an idea for an online vinyl shop promoting community activity and celebrating the unique qualities of vinyl. Following the End of Year Show Kin + Carta Connect judged the entries and offered the placement to two deserving students… George was pleased to be one of them. George now has a design post at The Skills Network in York.

Job at Langley Holdings PLC

Nicholas Michael-Hanna 

Achievements: Pinning CV to billionaire helicopter
Progression to: Langley Holdings PLC

Outgoing and confident Nicholas was nearing the end of his second year when he saw an opportunity literally land right in front of him. A British billionaire (owner of the global engineering and industrial company Langley Holdings) landed his helicopter on the housing site where Nicholas lived. Nicholas grabbed his C.V. (a clever print job with the image of a £50 on the front – an attention grabbing idea) and he stuck it to the door of the helicopter. A few days later he got a call from said billionaire, offering him an interview, which lead to him securing a full time job. A great example of always being ready to take advantage of a situation.

Job at Kin + Carta Connect & W12 Studios

Cameron Scott

Achievements: Job @ Kin + Carta Connect & W12 Studios
Progression to: Kin + Carta Connect / W12 Studios

Graduate, Cameron Scott, has secured a job with global digital marketing agency, Kin + Carta Connect. Cameron graduated with a first class degree after studying at the Fielden campus for three years. He did a two-year FdA Graphic Design, followed by a one year BA Hons Creative Media & Visual Communication, specialising in graphic design.

It was while Cameron was studying his final year that he met the Creative Director at Kin + Carta Connect, who works with the course on placement briefs he was so impressed with Cameron’s work that he invited him to apply for a job. Having spent a year or so at Kin + Carta Connect Cameron made the big move to London where he now works at W12 Studios.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my career.”
Cameron Scott


Manchester Craft Mafia Membership

Leanne Kennedy

Achievements: Manchester Craft Mafia membership
Progression to: Self Employed

Leanne Kennedy joined our course from a level 3 Manchester College Course. She developed her creative vision through to achieving a 1st BA (Hons) setting up her own business in craft making along the way. Pioneering many inventive practices and techniques Leanne developed an online shop and business to sell her unique style of hand crafted products. This year she was accepted into the very prestigious Manchester Craft Mafia (they don’t let anyone in) and has her work online with – currently her business goes from strength to strength.

Competition Winner – Badly Drawn Boy

James Keeble

Achievements: Badly Drawn Boy Competition
Progression to: 2nd Year

We Love Our Planet is an organisation that began out of concern for the welfare of animals and the environment in which they live and is championed by Manchester’s’ Badly Drawn Boy.  They aim to bring the ecologically like minded community together to save animals from exploitation and harm. The organisation held their launch at The Deaf Institute with speakers including, Jenny Jenoula Vegan UK, Ste Chester’s from the Green Paw Project, Alex Walker, Healthy Healing Habits Hannah and our own Alan Berry. Badly Drawn Boy appealed to the student community with a national competition to design a logo for We Love Our Planet. All years engaged in the national competition, but James’ work was chosen! The design was screen printed on the day of the event by Sally Gilford from One69A.

Placement / Job at Kin + Carta Connect

Lisa Dale

Achievements: Placement @ City South Manchester
Progression to: Job @ Kin + Carta Connect

Often, through the course relationships with industry, students are asked to carryout very quick turnaround jobs, and when it goes well it can result in a placement opportunity. City South Manchester required a flyer and tasked Lisa with completing this in one evening. Lisa achieved this and the client was so impressed that they offered her a summer placement. Lisa has since  achieved a permanent position at the digital agency Kin + Carta Connect, where she now works with the creative team on international brands. She is also a regular visiter to our End of Year Show!

Renfrew Creative

Ian Renfrew

Achievements: Set up his own business
Progression to: Self employed designer

Ian is a highly creative and entrepreneurial designer, who gained high grades throughout his study and won the competitions he entered. Equally accomplished conceptually and technically Ian’s designs are solution driven, crisp and powerful. He has now set up his own business managing a collection of small to medium enterprise clients in the UK and carriers out guest lectures as an Alumni Student.

Visit Ian’s Business Here >

A Sample of Ian’s Work 

Placement at BBC

Radomir Mikulas

Achievements: Placement @ BBC
Progression to: BA Stockport College

Following a live competition brief and pitch Radomir won a summer placement at the BBC. On his placement Radomir says:

“In the two weeks I did a lot… I was participating in meetings with some ideas for TV shows and competitions, produced visual representations of programs (treatments) for the production team and a collection of promotional documents – it was quite a learning curve! The placement really helped me understand how design can fit into the BBC and how to improve my work flow and problem solving abilities. The experience at the BBC was great and all of my work was used – I am very glad I could spend such an enriching time there.”

Placement at Purpose London

Kyle Noone

Achievements: Placement @ Purpose London
Progression to: BA Leeds Uni

The course often runs a competition with placement opportunities. This was the case for 3 years with London’s design agency Purpose. From the beginning of the second year Kyle was adamant that he would win the placement… He researched and studied the company during his project and when Purpose visited he made sure he listened carefully, developed his work following the advice of professionals… guess what, He did win it!