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London Trip at 4Designers Conference

"amazing talks and a massive thanks to the man that made it possible @mrbaglee"


Trip: 4Designers Conference
Purpose: Employer Engagement

This year’s trip to the 4Designers Conference turnout out to be quite a special one. Guest speakers included Jim Sutherland Founder Studio Sutherl&, Katherina Tudball Design Director The Partners (now SuperUnion), Bryan Edmondson Founder SEA Design and Jonathan Barnbrook Founder of Barnbrook. Jim Sutherland showed his designs for the D&AD annual, Katherina Tudball showed Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and SuperUnion’s new branding, Bryan Edmondson had a message from Rakin to the conference and branding for Monotype, Jonathan Barnbrook showed work with David Bowie including album art for The Next Day and Blackstar. We also got to chat with Katherina before and after the conference, Lucy gained her as a mentor and we visited SuperUnion the following day.

“Reflecting on #4D2018 on the way into uni today and I’d just like to give a huge thanks to @andSutherland, @Tudballistic, @SEA_London and @barnbrook for 4 amazing talks and a massive thanks to the man that made it possible @mrbaglee”
Alex Crange (Tweet)

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