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Self-Directed Brief & Placement @ MingFeng Packaging

“I never thought I could achieve this especially in in one year!”

Jack Eke

Achievements: BA Top-up
Progression to: Self-Directed Brief on Speak Impediments / Placement @ MingFeng Packaging

Having lived with a life-long speech impediment Jack was inspired by the work he saw at the 4Designers conference and coached by his personal tutor to tackle a very reflective Self-Directed Project. He created a clothing brand called ‘Overt’ (being one of the symptoms of a stutter, the other being ‘covert’) with a strong message to directly address peoples’ inconsiderate behaviour towards those with a stutter. “It annoys me the way people respond to my stutter, I wanted to bring an awareness to the cause and show how people with a stutter feel.”

His is now approaching The McGuire Programme a charity who teach people to manage their speech impediment, with the intention of using his project. “They broke down my previous speech training and taught me to speak again, to control my stutter”.

Tackling the project and gaining a 1st gave Jack the confidence to pursue a placement at MingFeng Packaging in Switzerland. He had developed a packaging project through the personalisation of his studies on the Practice-Based Research Unit. During his placement he shadowed Senior Vice President Scott Birtwistle learning about packaging design, business meetings, client handling and the interview processes.


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