Patrick Battison-Nicol

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"This year has been a challenging one, but looking back in hindsight, those challenges combined with having the opportunity to work on a variety of creative briefs (one of which was a live brief) have better prepared me for the future and gave me some much-needed creative industry insight." Patrick Battison-Nicol

Self Directed Project: Champions of Humanity

I created a series of posters that celebrate the many aspects and examples of 'human spirit' 

that appeared throughout the lockdown. The main purpose was to showcase and celebrate those individuals that generated an incredibly positive and heartening influence during a 
difficult time in our history. Through my research, I chose to focus strictly on UK based personalities, such as Captain Sir Tom Moore, footballer Marcus Rashford and fitness coach Joe Wick who I felt were the perfect candidates for this.

Their selfless contributions during the covid pandemic demonstrated that regardless of whatever we face, as humans (with the inclusion of hope) we are capable of persevering and uplifting one another to get through any situation.

Poster Designs:

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Poster Mockups:

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